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Get better result for your Website with Teqzero as your Online Partner

Safe & Secure Web Hosting

Safe & Secure


Keep your site safe against constant threats with our custom Web Application firewall rules. Combined with real-time 24/7 server monitoring, we can stop almost all the web application attacks even before they begin. We offer a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate to shield your website with HTTPS-encrypting traffic. More than that, we’ve automatic daily backups enabled.

Fast & Reliable


A mere 1-second page load delay impacts your SEO rankings, bounce rate and even your conversion rate. You won’t have to worry about any of this when you choose Teqzero and enjoy faster load times for your websites due to premium quality hardware, low-density servers and multiple server locations, to host your website close to its visitors for the best possible latency.

Fast & Reliable Web Hosting
Expert Support for Web Hosting

Expert Support


Our team members do their best to provide one-touch resolution, making you feel like a part of our family. We focus on successful sites for businesses, web designers, bloggers, developers, and online businesses. Our clients get faster and real help from skilled and passionate hosting experts. The support team is available to you all day, every day, via live chat, email, and social media.


See What Our Happy Customers Say

John Philip

Thanks to Teqzero, our sites are trouble free. Very supportive, friendly staffs; Efficient and reasonable price. I would highly recommend Teqzero for any company that seeks dependability and friendly service.

Renjini Joji

We are extremely happy with the new clean design (website), easy functionality and new capabilities. All this was done faster than we could keep up with our changes to content! Thank you to Teqzero.

Arun C.R

The Teqzero guys are awesome. I had an issue (on my site) with some settings within my cPanel that were affecting clients and I was able to reach a tech within minutes. No matter the time I have contacted them; they are always there to provide assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting allows organizations, businesses and individuals to create their websites or apps visible on the net. For the organizations or businesses, they are using a dedicated server, or sharing resources, every website is hosted on a server. The only way for a website to be visible on the net is that if it’s hosted by an internet hosting service provider, also called a web host. To search out an internet site, you type the domain name (or URL) into browser. Your computer will then connect to the server where the website is hosted, and therefore the webpage is delivered onto your screen.

How do I buy a Domain Name?

Buying a domain name with Teqzero is easy and comes with features that plenty of other hosts don’t offer. Use our domain search tool to buy your required domain name; we’ll allow you to know if some other person has already purchased it, and can serve up alternative versions that are available.

How do I migrate over to Teqzero?

If you want to move your web hosting to Teqzero, the first step is to create a Teqzero account. During the signup process steps, you can select the option to add your current domain to your new account – don’t worry, this does not affect your current live website!
Next, you will need to backup your website files and upload them to Teqzero.
Once you’ve migrated your website to Teqzero’s servers, you will need to test the site to confirm that it looks and functions even as intended. If everything looks great, you’ll have to point your DNS to Teqzero so people know where to search out you! If this sounds complicated, don’t worry. We have some documentation.
Have some questions before you get started? No worries.
Get in touch with us and Teqzero team will be happy to assist.

Can I talk to Support even if I'm not an existing Customer?

Of course! Visit our Support page

Can You Help Me To Understand More About WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS that permits you to create an internet site and publish it almost immediately. Due to its flexibility, you’ll be able to use this versatile platform to create a easy blog, a portfolio website, and even a large scale ecommerce storefront. What’s more, by using add-ons known themes and plugins, you can enhance the inherent functionality of your website and take it to the next level. If you get any trouble, we are always here to help as well.